Shibin is a passionate venture catalyst with significant hands-on experience spearheading accelerator programs, building founder-investor networks and identifying and fostering high-growth startups.

Shibin currently undertakes a key role within the Global Startup Pipeline team at Techstars where within a span of two years, he had the opportunity to work with 110 Classes with nearly 1200+ selected companies through a network of 50+ accelerators across 18 countries. In addition to this, in the current role, he also spearheads platforms and portfolio management for Techstars Toronto & Canada.

He previously worked as Acceleration Manager at NUMA, a French accelerator, where he spearheaded initiatives for implementing the AI-Hub Accelerator Programme for India. While being tasked with operationalizing value-add processes for start-ups at NUMA, his stint provided an opportunity to associate with the Rolls Royce Acceleration program and two other dedicated corporate accelerator programs, namely: Airbus and Shell.

Shibin also carries with him the unique experience of creating investor value while working with varied stakeholders ranging from international VC funds, investor networks, corporate accelerators and Government-State funding agencies for identifying and fostering high-impact startups.